Free delivery on orders over £50 to UK mainland!
Free delivery on orders over £50 to UK mainland!
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And so it begins, our first venture into the online world!

And so it begins... latest news News

So this is the first day of a whole new world for Clarence and the farm, we are excited and full of trepidation to see what the new website brings for us!  We have tried to put the best selling lines across both shops on here, and hopefully will start to get a feel for what you guys want from the website.  We hope it makes shopping with us easier, with the click and collect option from both shops and the delivery option.  We hope it keeps you shopping locally, and not so locally if you found us on your travels and are now visiting us in cyber world!

Happy shopping, i look forward to putting all the new products on as they start arriving in the shop over the coming months, heres to 2019!

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